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These are the FAQs that we get asked by clients along with the answers to the questions. if you can't find and answer to your question contact us
The purpose of a FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns

Training FAQs

If our FAQs don't answer your question please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and add them to our FAQs

How long are your training courses?

Face-to-Face Training Sessions
Our full-day training sessions generally start at 09:30 and finish at 16:30 with 30 mins for lunch and 2 x 15-minute brew breaks AM/PM.
Our 1/2 training sessions are between 2 & 3 hours in length

Can your training course content be tailored to my organisation?

Yes, We can tailor all our training courses in line with your needs. If you want something built to address a specific challenge please talk to us

What is the minimum number of delegates i can have on each training course

We run plenty of training courses for small organisations that may only have a handful of staff who need development. 4 is normally the minimum but always ask

What is the maximum number of delegates I can have on each training course?

All our training courses are interactive so smaller groups work best. Ideally a maximum of 12, but depending on the nature of the training course and budget we can occasionally manage up to 15 candidates

How easy is it to book a course or program?

Once your email or call us regarding any of our training courses or programs we will 1) Listen - listen to your challenges and exact requirements 2) Solution - Offer valuable advice and solutions to meet your needs 3) Quote - We email you a proposal/quote 4) Availability - Agree on a training date that best suits you and your teams

Can i change my training date?

You can change your training date up to 14 days before the delivery date without charge

Can we follow you on social media?

Yes, you can find us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram 

Do you do other courses than just leadership training

Yes we run more than just leadership training, see our courses page for more details

Who participates in your leadership training courses?

We work with a variety of groups ranging from individuals who are beginning to assume leadership roles to those who have held them over many years.

Where does the training take place?

Anywhere - we will travel to your location of choice, whether that is your offices or off-site facilities.

Can I have an invoice?

Yes, When you book we send you an invoice

We hope that you founds these FAQs useful and have answered your questions. If that wasn't the case please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and add them to our FAQs list.
periodically we will update our FAQs so that we can provide you with the best information that we can.

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