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Make 2023 the year you unleash the power of a performance culture

Leadership Accelerator - Create a Performance Culture

Learn to build a performance culture & lead your teams with confidence, so that you can grow your business free of setbacks & constraints.

Managing & leading teams under pressure can feel overwhelming. Unfortunately, lots of training programs make it worse by not teaching the practical skills needed to build a high-performing team. Northstar's program is different.

  • Do you want to bring out the best in your people?
  • How would it feel if your teams were self-motivated?
  • What would it be like if you never felt overwhelmed with responsibilities ever again?
Build a performance culture

By the end of this 6 session program,
you will be able to:

  • Communicate with empathy
  • Build trust throughout your organization
  • Inspire & motivate your team intrinsically
  • Identify your most effective leadership style
  • Engage with individuals to develop influence
  • Deliver results more effectively & maintain balance

"We really recommend anyone wanting to develop staff to send their staff here."

"Through the guidance and encouragement, we left feeling more confident and capable. We really enjoyed the training and humour."
Net Hub

Discover the power of a performance culture

Managing & leading teams under pressure is tough. You’ve probably looked online for advice from the gurus or even university courses. But unfortunately, lots of training programs make it worse by not teaching the practical skills needed to make lasting changes in organizational culture. Our program is different. We believe in results and that results come from taking practical action, not from using buzzwords.
Build a performance culture

This 6 session program teaches you practical skills that will increase your leadership capacity and build a culture of performance that makes a real impact.

Communicate - Develop and enhance your communication styles in order to solve problems as a team.
Inspire - Optimize your team’s performance by aligning personal goals with those of your business.
Engage - Go deep and build interpersonal relationships with individuals to strengthen bonds horizontally across your organization.

"Exactly what I needed to build  my confidence."

"I appreciated that the sessions could be tailored to fit my needs. Now I have the skills to present successfully and get the message across and I can also find the confidence to do so."
Rebecca Birch
Customer Experience Director

How the Leadership Accelerator works

The first half of the accelerator develops and enhances your management & leadership skills in order to become more efficient and more effective.
Session 1: Management Training
Session 2: Leadership Training
Session 3: Time Management

By the end of the first 3 sessions you will be able to:

  • Empower, support and motivate your team
  • Lead by design, not default
  • Dedicate time to high impact tasks
The second half of the accelerator goes deeper into communication, coaching and dealing with tough situations.
Session 4: Communication Skills
Session 5: Coaching Skills for Managers
Session 6: Dealing with Conflict and Difficult People

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Build trust so you can influence your teams & organization
  • Using coaching to develop your team members
  • Foster a working environment that is engaging and positive

In today’s world of constant change and disruption, your business is only as good as your staff. And your staff are only as good as the culture you’ve created.

A performance culture is more than just a buzzword. It’s the key to unlocking agility and growth. It’s an environment where creativity flourishes, where each team member is valued and strives to be the best they can. It’s also about continuous growth and development. And the best way to build that culture is with clear leadership that engages your teams.
But if you’re already managing and leading teams, you probably don’t have time for lengthy courses that teach lots of theory. You need real solutions for the real problems you are facing now. 

And that’s why we created the Leadership Accelerator Program -- so you can learn to create a dynamic work environment that your staff will love without wasting time and money on lengthy and expensive courses.
Here are real results from some our trainees:
"My biggest takeaway was that I can continue to develop and grow as a leader."
Rebecca Burch
Customer Experience Director
"I gained much more confidence and clarity from the course. The training was fun and practical."
Mahmoud Adra
Academic Coordinator
"A few weeks after the course I was able to move into a management position."
Ahmed Saad
Academic Manager
"The Northstar Leadership Accelerator really helped me improve the way I manage my teams and build up a performance culture for everyone."
Andy Wallis
Engineering & Plant Manager
"I was able to improve my own coaching skills and develop new mentoring & coaching strategies that were practical and not just fluff."
Lindsay Larmour
Thrive 25 Action Coach
"The course gave me insight into the importance of performance culture and how I can develop it."
Eldesouky Ibrahim

If you’re not fostering a culture of performance, you’re leaving money on the table.

High performing staff won’t work in a culture that doesn’t value them. They want to be a part of an organization that values performance, from top to bottom. And they don’t want to just be managed. They want leaders that can lead with clarity and engage the team.
Are you ready to pull away from the competition? Are you ready to build a team that operates at peak performance? Are you ready to lead with confidence? If so, the Leadership Accelerator Program is for you. This investment in your leadership skills and your team will pay for itself again and again.
"Our team was raving about the course from the beginning. We came away stronger than ever."
Net Hub
IT Solutions Provider
"The Leadership Accelerator helped me not only become more effective as a manager, but also more confident when directing others."
Jody Fitzpatrick
"The Leadership Accelerator gave me greater confidence and awareness of how important communication and culture really is in all aspects of my working relationships."
Walid Hasan
Entrepreneur & Executive Trainer

Introducing the Leadership Accelerator Program

An innovative new 6 session program from Northstar Leadership Training’s founder, John Larmour.

Your leadership skills and your organizational culture are the keys to continually growing your business. The Leadership Accelerator teaches you how to build a culture of performance and how to lead your teams to long lasting success.
Leadership Accelerator - Create a Performance Culture

What’s included in the course:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Case studies
  • DISC Profile
  • Emotional intelligence test
  • Vision statements
  • Time management self assessment

Session 1: Management Training

  • Confidently delegate tasks
  • Learn to manage more effectively
  • Use SMART goals for team success

Session 2: Leadership Training

  • Create a personal leadership development plan
  • Distinguish between leadership and management
  • Enhance empathy as a leader

Session 3: Time Management

  • Take control of your schedule
  • Prioritise tasks to save time
  • Plan your work to create more time

Session 4: Communication Skills

  • Strengthen your communication style
  • Influence your team's culture
  • Develop dynamic communication channels

Session 5: Coaching Skills for Managers

  • Create coaching moments using the STEER model
  • Improve coaching outcomes using the GROW model
  • Plan and deliver a transformational coaching session

Session 6: Dealing with Conflict and Difficult People

  • Prevent conflict triggers
  • Employ the 3 step Conflict Resolution Process
  • Build a work culture that drives creative problem solving

"The foundation for building a high performing team."

"Before the course I was working as a teacher...a few weeks later I was promoted to the management team."
Leadership Accelerator - Create a Performance Culture

Set yourself apart by creating a performance culture that your staff will thrive in.

Your work culture is the key factor in your team’s success. The Leadership Accelerator teaches you to bring out the best in your staff through engagement and clear leadership so you can grow your business the right way with teamwork.

Enrolment for the Leadership Accelerator is now open. Reserve your spot now!

Build a performance culture

Mahmoud gained insight into his own leadership

"The biggest takeways for me have been how I can continue to grow and learn to lead, and that these are skills to be developed over time."
Mahmoud Adra
Academic Coordinator
Leadership Accelerator - Create a Performance Culture

Leadership Accelerator Program

Increase your leadership capacity by building a performance culture that makes a lasting impact.

  • Attract and retain rockstar staff
  • Lead with confidence and clarity
  • Set yourself apart from the competition through results

Take action now & start seeing results!

Build a performance culture

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We are leadership development experts with over a decade of experience building, training and transforming teams in a range industries from education to manufacturing. Our Leadership Accelerator Program is bespoke and provides actionable solutions you need to lead your teams to success. If you’re ready to overcome the challenges that hold your teams down, then click the button below and book a free discovery call.
Build a performance culture

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