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At NorthStar Leadership Training, our goal is to help business leaders to close the leadership gap by building leadership capacity.

Learn about us and find out why NorthStar Leadership Training has a unique approach to learning that will bring long-lasting improvements to your leadership capacity so you can have an engaged and developed workforce

Who Are NorthStar Leadership Training?

We are a UK provider of Leadership training and personal development courses based in Preston, Lancashire. We deliver training all over the UK and sometimes even further. We have a passion for inspiring excellence through learning and have a reputation for engagement and results on our courses.
about us

However, We really would like to start by asking who you are

For us, understanding your goals is an essential part of designing our training courses. By getting to know you, we can help our training courses address your needs most effectively. we can ensure our training courses gain maximum impact in your company.
We make sure that our training courses do what they are meant to do, every time in helping you reach your goals.
Our methods work well for organisations who are looking to build their leadership capacity and boost their performance. 

And it will work for you too

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Why We Get Results

One of the most significant reasons why our clients choose us as their training provider is that we're able to adapt our courses to meet their needs and address their specific requirements

We Walk The Walk

Our learning consultants aren’t all talk, they all can walk the walk as they have all come from the business world with extensive experience in leading teams all the way up to senior management level.
These natural problem solvers are a priceless resource and we encourage you to take advantage of their skills and competencies, ask them to address YOUR specific challenges.

We Are In It For The Long Term

We are not a training provider who is just going to take your money and run. Instead, We see our training as a small part of a bigger picture of support which includes mentoring and coaching, We show you tools for bringing practical learning into the workplace. In our view, this is what brings the best results.
about us

Our Values

We aspire to be the leading provider of leadership training and the go-to organization for improving employee productivity and result
To inspire individuals and organisations to raise their standards and reach their goals, through our passionate approach to leadership training
It’s easy to talk a big game about leadership training,
but we truly practice what we preach.
Our company values are also our personal values.
A Leading Authority
It's our vision to be an industry leader. We'll never stop learning and searching for new ways to give our clients excellent services.
Your Success is Our Success
We strive each day to (continue to) remember that our long-term success depends on your satisfaction. We want your repeat business, and we will go the extra mile to get it.
Results, Not Rhetoric
We won't promise the earth; we won't constantly tell you we're the best. Rather, we will make sure we give you the tools to measure the results of our training. We think these results will speak far louder than anything else we could tell you!
Full Commitment
We want our training to be 100 percent effective (it's our job satisfaction, and a great outcome for you). That is why we promise to fully support all customers before training, to be able to customize training courses to meet each of their needs; and after the learning process, to supply tools and resources to help reinforce learning.

Are you ready to build your leadership capacity?

Of course you are.

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