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Building Leadership Capacity

Learn to develop your staff, reduce turnover and build a winning team.

At NorthStar Leadership Training, Our goal is to help business leaders to close the leadership gap by building leadership capacity

3 Challenges Our Clients Face Right Now Are: 

Struggling to lead with authority to boost performance to a desired level.
Struggling to develop strong team engagement and collaboration to boost productivity.
Challenged in areas of self-confidence or self-control as a leader

To Solve These Challenges We Offer the Solutions:

Raising YOUR self-awareness. Research shows only 10 to 15% of people are truly aware as a leader
Identify the KEY areas that will enable you to lead with authority and direction to improve results.
Empower YOU, so the business and all employees grow and succeed.
Our Purpose is to empower what we call “accidental managers”. There are many managers and leaders who have been promoted into leadership roles because of their technical skills. Who then go on to find it extremely complex and challenging to lead individuals and teams with different personalities, confidence levels, communication styles, and more. It is about taking that manager to a new level of leadership that they didn't realize was possible and boosting overall performance.
Is your role as a manager a challenge?
Is your role as a manager a challenge?
Can inspire your team to boost performance?
NorthStar Leadership Training
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At Northstar Leadership Training We Help Our Clients Everyday to Overcome These Types of Challenges

NorthStar Leadership Training

Our Results

For Managers, It's better leadership (who often don’t think they have a problem in the first instance), Improved culture, Improved productivity, and often an increase in overall performance.

For Staff, there are several benefits, improved culture, improved recognition, improved communication, psychological safety, etc.

Other Measurable results are not always financial, though there is a range of intangible benefits - Managers are able to overcome challenges (less stress) and are feeling confident in the role, are more in control, can cope with difficult staff, and can boost productivity and performance. Basically, we are aiming for them to have an 'engaged and developed' workforce

We help leaders just like yourself to develop your supervisors and managers to improve employee engagement and build leadership capacity.

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Features and Benefits of Our Leadership Accelerator


A program to improve your leadership and management
A program that guides you on how to lead/manage others
A program to improve team engagement
Improves teamwork and morale


Increased confidence, Certainty and control as a manager/leader
Empower you on how to inspire your team and improve productivity
Improved performance that increases business growth and profits
Improves employee satisfaction and productively

Past clients have seen increases in productivity and profits

Our Clients Story

Our Client Ahmed talking about his experience of going through our leadership accelerator. Which allowed him to be promoted into a management position once he had finished training with NorthStar Leadership Training 

Trusted by many

At Northstar Leadership Training we are proud to have helped leaders from a range of businesses and industries. 
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Ministry of Defence
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The training was well organized and thought out.
Through the guidance and encouragement, I left feeling more confident and capable. I really enjoyed the training and humour. I really recommend anyone wanting to develop staff to send their staff here.
Tailor-made for my needs.
I appreciated that the session was tailor-made to my needs. I will take away I have the skills to present successfully and get the message across and I can also find the confidence to do so.
Customer Experience Director

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